UU Talks-in-a-Box

UU Talks-in-a-Box: As the landscape of “how we do church” evolves, and we innovatively respond to helping create diversity in small congregations as well as reaching out to those in areas of need of UU growth, this will be a valuable tool.  UU Talks-in-a-Box are compilations  of our live UU Talks. 

Compilations will be based on location (ie: UU Talk: Pittsfield, ME) and also on topical compilations (ie: UU Talks: Fellowship; UU Talks Black Lives Matter; UU Talks LGBTQ; UU Talks Environmental Justice; UU Talks Stewardship, Children’s RE Messages, etc etc).

UU Talks-in-a-Box will be primarily downloadable, and also available via DVD and portable storage devices to be able to better serve communities that may not have internet access or who wish to maintain a library of their own.