Congregations: Host a UU Talk

Do you want to create an innovative and fun new revenue stream for your Congregation or UU group?  Do you want to generate compelling publicity that will engage the public in ways that entices them to learn more about what you have to offer?  Do you want to participate in growing Unitarian Universalism?  If Yes! Then, You Want to Host a UU Talk! We can guide your organizers through an easy step-by-step event planning process. 

Contact:  “Twinkle” Marie Manning, founder and director of the UU Talks Project


This interview with CLF’s The VUU covers a wide range of questions you may have:

Note: Our project is designed as a How-To model to empower congregations and UU Groups to self-sufficiently host local UU Talks.  That said, we realize that some congregations and groups may need more personalized assistance. For those in need of a skilled an event planner to be the lead coordinator for your local UU Talks event, please let us know.