Fundraising & Publicity

First and foremost, the ability for Host congregations and organizations to enhance their fundraising incomes through UU Talks is enormous!

The publicity garnered by the UU Talks, the press releases, articles and interviews for our UU Speakers, place the individual UU speaker, hosting congregation, and the UUA itself, in the spotlight in positive ways.  Simultaneously promoting the very causes nearest and dearest to our hearts by means of the topics covered in the UU Talks, and the range of themes the speakers present on.

Because of our expertise in search engine optimization, the site will rank highly on Google and other search engines.  The online platform thus serves as a hub for making visible and connecting UU speakers as well as magnifying the reach of sharing Unitarian Universalism ideals with the world. 

This project fortifies our interconnectedness as we strive to support each other from the inside out.  It sets the example of aligning our values with our money by giving a significant portion of income from the UU Talks events directly to the UUA &/or the Region/District of the Host Site’s choice.   The UU Talks infuses excitement into congregational fundraising by drawing on UU’s strong cerebral, spiritual and philosophical natures.

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