2021 Update

This page is being archived in the operating sense, yet will remain public for a while longer to honor the speakers who participated.

Sadly, there has not been high demand for UU-specific events –even prior to Covid. Best wishes to those who have participated.

Should any congregation or group (of any denomination or affiliation) wish to learn the valuable fundraising and outreach strategies taught in this program, email: uutalkshome@gmail.com and our interfaith team is happy to assist.





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Invitation to learn more about UU Talks

If you attended our UU Talks Poster Session at General Assembly, you will likely receive this video in your inbox within the next few weeks.

Do you want to create an innovative and fun new revenue stream for your Congregation or UU group?  Do you want to generate compelling publicity that will engage the public in ways that entices them to learn more about what you have to offer?  Do you want to participate in growing Unitarian Universalism? If Yes! Then, You Want to Host a UU Talk! We can guide your organizers through an easy step-by-step event planning process. 

Join us for an interactive Zoom video call! Click the link below to find a time that works best for you:


Sample UU Talks recorded at the UUA:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9B1wKH29f04WIhs8FDY_fkWfFLdZO-28

NOTE: The speaker in the video is Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning, award winning television producer and interfaith minister. She founded UU Talks to share her media, marketing and fundraising skills to benefit her beloved UU colleagues. The platforms are available regardless of denomination or affiliation. For more information about her work and her ministry, visit: http://TwinklesPlace.org/

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Support UU Talks in 2020

As we enter 2020 we look forward to bringing UU Talks to the congregational level. We invite you to support UU Talks with contributions of any size.

Friends of UU Talks

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Major Benefactors of UU Talks

Major UU Talks Benefactors

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Successful UU Talks Poster Session at GA

twinkle uuaga 2019 uutalks


Such deep gratitude to everyone who stopped by my UU Talks poster session today! And especially to the more than 30 congregations and groups who expressed interest in hosting a local UU talks event! We will be adding more info on the website and Facebook pages over the summer and look forward to launching the next phase of this project this autumn time. I look forward to sharing more information about how this program can enhance fundraising and outreach goals and more. If you missed the session and would like to see me in person tomorrow- find me at booth 332-336 beside The Red Tent. And for info about UU Talks visit:UUTalks.org


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Coming Soon!

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we launch the UU Talks project. The UU Talks model will be available for congregations and UU groups to incorporate into their outreach and fundraising initiatives in 2019. In the meantime we will be sharing our first series of UU Talks videos with you in the coming weeks!! <3

UU Talks header full sq

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2018 UU Talks Update

Thank you EVERYONE for your patience. From the moment we began publicizing this program, we have been receiving requests from congregations, groups and speakers alike who wish to be part of this project. The videos are all edited from our inaugural talks hosted last year at the UUA and we look forward to sharing them with YOU Autumn 2018! As well we will begin enrolling congregations and groups who wish to utilize this exciting outreach and fundraising model.

In the meantime, here are a few fun snapshots from our UU Talks at the UUA:

IMG_7639 sj-022 sj-091 sj-102 sj-145  IMG_7644sj-114 sj-120 IMG_7651 IMG_7744 sj-014 sj-026 uu talks org speakers

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Successful Inaugural Event at UUA!!!

sj-008 uu talks full group boston 2017 crop

We are so grateful to each of our inaugural presenters of UU Talks at the UUA headquarters on Farnsworth Street in Boston, MA in April, 2017!!

Deep gratitude to all who attended this event in support of UU Talks, our speakers and leaders. And very special thanks to the Amazing Peter Bowden for Emceeing this event and for being a primary consultant on the UU Talks project!!

We look forward to sharing these videos and the UU Talks fundraising and outreach platform as time, funding and resources permit.

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